History Thinking of Zandvoort, is thinking of the sea, the beach and the racetrack / Circuit Park Zandvoort, but there is so much more! Just think of the special Zandvoort history. How was it possible that a poor fishing village from early 1900 transformed into one of the most sophisticated seaside resorts in the Netherlands, with a variety of bathhouses, a Kurhaus and splendid hotels with seaside view? And what caused the sudden demise of this imposing era? Answers to these questions, and much more, can be found in the Zandvoorts Museum.

Exhibitions The Zandvoorts Museum opens new exhibitions frequently. Time and again you will be surprised. For these exhibitions each differ in nature, whereby all forms of contemporary art and cultural-historical themes are represented. A list related to the current and future exhibitions and activities can be found on the website: